You could be getting scammed if any of the following are true:

  1. You aren’t given a copy of the “Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law” letting you know your rights to obtain a credit report and dispute inaccurate credit report information.
  2. You aren’t given a copy of the contract to view before you’re asked to sign it.
  3. The contract doesn’t contain the following information:
  • The amount you are being charged
  • Details about the services being performed on your behalf
  • The date by which the services will be performed (or the time period required to perform the services)
  • The name and business address of the organization
  • A statement letting you know you can cancel the contract within 5 days(depends on State)
  1. You’re asked for payment before the services have been performed
  2. The company promises to remove accurately reported information from your credit report
  3. The company promises to create, or asks you to create, a “new” identity with a new social security number or federal employer identification number (EIN)
  4. You’re asked to sign a form waiving your rights under the CROA

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