1. How long does this credit building program last?
Credit build 
program starts at 30 days designed to qualify your company for bank level financing.
2. Do I have to use the accounts I receive each month?
 No, you do not have to use the accounts each month, but you do have to  use each account at least one time and make at least a $50.00 purchase on that account so that a payment history can be established at the credit bureaus. It is helpful if you use each account on a regular basis making small purchases to establish a longer positive payment history on each account.
3. How much credit will I receive with your program?
Our average client will exit our program in 12 months, with 15 accounts, totaling approximately $100,000 in established business credit. These credit lines will encompass all four tiers of credit that lead to successful bank level financing.
4. What are the highest credit limits I will receive?
Typically, your top tier creditors, which includes your MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express business accounts, will range from $5000 – $40,000. The average client will receive approximately $15,000 credit limits on each of their five top tier creditors.
5. Can I enroll into your program filed as a DBA?
No, your company must be incorporated or filed as an LLC to enroll into our program. Creditors will not give your company the time of day, much less a line of credit, if it is not incorporated. *We offer incorporation filing services in all 50 states!
6. Do you use my personal credit to establish my business credit?
No, we do not use your personal credit or personal credit information to establish your business credit. We do not allow personal guarantees on any of the accounts we establish under your company name.
7. Do you also offer personal credit repair services?
No, we do not offer personal credit repair services. We strictly build business credit, totally separate from your personal credit.
8. Does your program have any guarantees?
Yes, our program is backed by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee! We guarantee to establish your business credit without using your personal credit. We guarantee to establish an “A” credit rating under your business name, with a minimum PAYDEX score of 80 from Dun & Bradstreet, the top business credit bureau.
9. Do you offer discounts if I enroll more than one company into your program?
Yes, we offer a 20% discount on any secondary company you enroll into our program.



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