How It Works

How Credit Repair Works

Here is the basic premise of how credit repair works. In order for an account to REMAIN on your credit report, it must be 100% ACCURATE and 100% VERIFIABLE. This is derived from a law known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA. It is this legal parlance that forms the basis for the credit repair process!

If an item on your credit report does not meet these criteria, then it must be removed! Any derogatory items that are proven to be either not verifiable or not accurate can then be completely taken off your credit report.

This is one of the most important sections of my website. If you are going to hire my team to repair your credit, I want you to understand what you will get in exchange for your money.


Sign up by filling out our easy online form so we can get you started on improving your credit score.  In minutes you will receive an email from us with instructions and important documents you will need to fill out to start your credit repair process.  Additionally, you will need a obtain a recent copy of your 3-bureau credit report. If you don’t have a recent copy we will be more than happy to assist you.  You will also need to provide us with proper identification, such as a government issued photo ID, a document displaying your social security number, and proof of your current address, to insure we provide you with an effective credit repair service.


 Upon receipt of your credit report and other important documents, a Credit Repair Consultant will conduct a detailed line-by-line analysis and will note your issues and provide you with list for your approval. They will contact you by email (or phone if you prefer) to go over the list of inaccurate items that we have identified as dispute candidates and customize a plan catered to your situation.



As you know each credit report is unique, so after the analysis we will start the dispute process and within approximately 30 days after submitting your disputes, the credit bureaus will mail you the results and provide a summary of the deletions.  If an initial disputes do not result in deletion or correction, we will automatically resend a customized re-dispute.


Once we have completed your credit repair service, we will offer you advice on how to start rebuilding your credit.  With the right advice, you can achieve amazing results!  After all, life is all about good credit, and if you don’t have good credit … You Have No Life!

How can you start?

Give us a call toll free at: 1-888-876-4631 to speak to a Credit Repair Advocate. Or fill out the form to the right of this page and a Credit Repair Ad


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