Why Good Credit?

Credit Approval-Why is it important?

Does your credit have trouble getting approved for a home loan or obtaining credit because of late pays, loan modification foreclosure etc.? Is your growing family in need of a new car? Are you thinking about refinancing your existing home mortgage? Maybe you need credit to pay for a long overdue home repair project.

Getting approved for a loan can be scary. There are so many different offers out there and no way of knowing what is best for you. 30 DAY CREDIT REPAIR ADVOCATES are here to help you find out what is available to you and help you determine your best options.

Car Loans

You need to finance a car for your growing family and can’t because bad credit is holding you back? Let 30 DAY CREDIT REPAIR put you in a position to make that dream a reality. Our Credit Repair Advocates can help you save money by helping you repair that inaccurate repossession on your credit.  You will be able to enjoy low interest rates again.

Credit Reporting

It is important to check your credit report. If you are in the process of rebuilding your credit score, you need to know if your credit report contains mistakes. It is also a good idea to check your credit report to ensure that your identity hasn’t been stolen. IF YOUR IDENTITY HAS BEEN STOLEN, DON’T BE PUT ON THE EVENING NEWS. CONTACT 30 DAY CREDIT REPAIR IMMEDIATELY!  SO THAT WE CAN ADVISE YOU ON WHAT TO DO NEXT. EVERY SECOND COUNTS TO SAVE YOUR CREDIT AND YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE!

Why is Good Credit Important?

When you have good credit, you’re more than likely to receive a variety of financial options, such as:

  • Securing Loans and Credit: Banks and other financial institutions check customers’ credit scores before presenting a loan, mortgage, credit card, or line of credit. A good credit score means you’ll likely be able to get the line of credit you need, whilst a bad credit will result in the loan being declined.
  • Better Interest Rate Approvals: Even if two people are offered the same loan amount, their different credit histories could impact their interest rates. People with good credit scores receive lower rates than those with mid-range or “bad” credit. A lower interest rate can make a huge difference in the amount of your monthly mortgage payment, sometimes meaning the difference between a smaller or a bigger house or impacting the desirability of the location for your new business, even a decision in getting you approved.
  • Renting an Apartment: Landlords almost always check potential tenants’ credit scores as a way of weeding out those who might default on their rent payments and helping to ensure that they choose only punctual paying tenants.
  • Work Opportunities: Some employers ask candidates for a complete background check before offering a job – especially if the position is financial in nature. A good credit score can give you a competitive edge, over other candidates if all other things are equal while a bad credit rating could defer an offer of employment.
  • Security and Identity: Identity theft is a growing problem, with many victims finding out that someone else has been using their name and identity, when black marks start appearing on their credit ratings. Keeping a watchful eye on your credit rating will help you more easily recognize any suspicious changes. A history of good credit makes your case against the perpetrator more credible and corrections that much quicker.

Your credit rating is the scale by which your financial health is measured by banks, lenders, and employers. One of the best things you can do to protect your business and financial interests is to cultivate a good credit score. Contact 30 Day Credit Repair now to get a Free Consultation and help your credit score and life jump to a new top and lasting financial level.


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