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“I couldn’t seem to get my credit back on track. No matter how well I handled my current financial situation my old charges and overdrafts and a bankruptcy claim were following me. I was referred to 30 day by a friend who used them last year. She told me to work with Angel. I went in for a consultation after calling in. I was told there was a no money down option so I could get my credit a little better and breathe before they asked me to pay for their services. That’s what initially sold me. They had a great business model and didn’t promise anything outrageous. They were honest about the process but they said I would notice a change in just 30 days.”

“Turns out, my credit was being held back by a few overdrafts and charges that happened overtime. Angel worked with me on that and a few other places but most notably they got 11 deletions for me and there is already a noticeable difference in my FICO credit score. I look forward to fully repairing my credit but I can say that I am now on my way!”
Estefana M

“My credit score jumped significantly after working with “30 Day Credit Repair” in Fountain Valley. It was definitely worth the money and saved tons of time on my end. They gave me solid advice on how to increase my FICO score and what credit cards are better suited for these purposes.”

“Thank you! Highly recommend this company.”
Alexa R

“Saw other people getting claims on their credit deleted on Yelp. So I went in for a free consultation just to see for myself. I really couldn’t see how my credit could get any worse. Apparently my credit was being held back by a few overdrafts and charges from my early years when I first got a credit card. They deleted 6 of them and it’s only been a couple weeks and there’s a noticeable difference in my FICO credit score. I’m still in the process of fixing my credit with them but they really do deliver in 30 days.”
Isadora O

“I had a couple claims on my report that were really hurting my credit. I didn’t know what else to do. A friend went to 30 day credit repair and said they got 20 things deleted or updated for her! I didn’t believe it fully but I was willing to go in and give it a shot. I sat down with Angel to talk about what I could do outside of them and how to build better credit. My case, according to him, was an easy fix, they managed to delete 4 claims. Which boosted my credit! My credit isn’t completely healed. But they helped wipe away some major issues that prevented me from raising it. I didn’t want to review until I was sure it wouldn’t go down or it was just some temporary boost.”

“It’s been 3 months and it’s still steadily raising! I am honestly so happy I put that behind me and am finally getting somewhere. So thanks to Angel and 30 Day Credit Repair!”
Angela K

“I’ve actually been working on repairing my credit for the past year and a half. I’ve been able to improve several areas, but with my limited knowledge and expertise, I felt I had hit the wall. I found 30 Day Credit Repair online and after reading the rave reviews, decided to give them a call. They agreed to meet with me and was incredibly helpful. Even though they knew I wasn’t’ a good match as a client, they still took the time to go over my report and give me GREAT advice on things I can do to improve my score. I will DEFINITELY recommend 30 Day Credit Repair to Anyone that has a credit need.”
Mar D

“I went in to talk about my different options when it came to my credit. I couldn’t seem to get it up on my own. With Angel’s help I’ve been able to get a new credit card that will help my credit raise if I pay off my entire balance every month.”
Macey D

“I called first and arranged for a time to come in and get a free credit consultation. I just started a couple weeks ago. I work with Angel to raise my credit. I don’t want all the interest from my credit cards and I’ve already noticed a change in my credit.”
Mion D

“I had major trouble trying to raise my credit. No matter how many months I spent paying off my balance on time and paying off my debts, my score just seemed shot. I went into 30 day credit repair to speak to someone about my credit. I spoke to Angel about what I could do and they took me on as a client. I came in another time to actually begin my repair. I had 6 accounts deleted that day and I already see a difference in my score. I didn’t think it could happen in just 30 days but there is a noticeable difference. I’m nowhere near finished but I am well on my way to outstanding credit!”
Mccollom E

“My friend Hurtado suggested me 30 Day Credit Repair. As he told me about their services they are better than that. I thank to my friend to suggest me such a great company. And thanks for 30 Day Credit Repair for your help with my terrible credit.”
Teut J

“I had concerns about the accuracy of my credit report and wanted to improve my scores, they helped me wonderfully with an effective solution. Thanks!”
Dorothy R

“I would like to give 30 Day Credit Repair two thumbs up for their honesty. I was in the market to get my credit scores increased to buy a house and anyone that I talked to was asking me to pay them $1000 to $2000 to update some information on the three bureaus. But when I talked to Angel at 30 Day Credit Repair, he gave me a free consultation and went over my credit report. He said what the problem was and that I can fix it myself. He gave me some good tools and advice to work with and sure enough about 40 days later, my score was back up in the high 6′s low 700’s. So I really like their service and I will recommend them to all my friends. It is the least I can do to repay them.”
Jefferey B

“I started looking into buying a home but needed to restore my credit first. I called one credit repair after another to find the right one to fix my credit. Had several old accounts that were almost impossible to remove and weighed my scores down a lot. After looking for a while I came across 30 Day Credit Repair on line, I was hesitant about calling them at first, but I took a look at their website and saw they have a results page. I liked what I saw so I gave them a call the next afternoon and spoke to a guy named Omar. He set me up for an appointment to meet him at the office, went in, gave me a free consultation and asked me what my goals were. I let him know I wanted to buy a house in 2 months. He set up a plan on what he could help with. I decided to continue in the process since it was simple and no money out of pocket until the work was done. The work took a little longer than expected but as described, so it was cool. Now my credit is fixed and ready to buy a new home. Got a second chance on credit life, I’m very happy with results. Thanks to 30 Day Credit Repair.”
Holly S

“Barely walked out of 30 Day Credit Repair, I had spoken to Angel and his assistants are very pleasant. I highly recommend these guys to all you.”
Samuel P

“I went to that credit repair spot, I’ve spoken with Angel, the guy was very nice helpful straight forward, I don’t know what that lady is talking about but I didn’t experience any of what she is complaining about. I recommend everybody to them!”
Willie J

“Wow … in 30 short days of their diligent work, my credit score jumped over 100 points!”

“I must admit, I had some skeptisizm moving forward with this process, but in less than 30 Days I had over 79% deletions off my credit report, and raised my credit score to over 600 points!”

“30 Day Credit Repair is a place where I was able to have hope to have my life back again.”

“The members of this team are friendly, caring and eager to help make this a smooth process.”

“Angel, you are a freaken wizard dude.  I’m shocked at the new scores…. I’ll never doubt you again in my life and you have my apology!  You are my #1 recommendation.  I’m advertising now for you!  You are the only man I know to have actually deliver real results.  Oh My God, it just dawned on me, you are about to be rich!!! LOL  Seriously, you are….remember I said it first!”


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